Oct 23, 2016

Tele Vibration LiVe!


Tele Vibration LiVe! on the Street.

*Tele Vibration LiVe!は、10月26日をもって終了いたしました。

場所:マービスタガレージ/Hot Bike Japan編集部(ビッグツリープロダクション)
神奈川県横浜市青葉区美しが丘4丁目27-3 めぐみビル




ワクワクするこの仕事がまたおれのところに巡ってきたこのご縁に 感謝の気持ちでやらかしましょう!

relax&enjoy life


Tele Vibration LiVe! on the Street is now going on.
This is an exhibition started on 20 October and is still in progress.

*Tele Vibration LiVe! finished as of 26 October. The work remains at the sight. 

Venue: Mar-vista garage/Hot Bike Japan editorial office (Big Tree Production)
Megumi bldg., 4-27-3 Utsukushiga-oka, Aoba-ku, Yokohama

relax & enjoy life

I am painting a picture on the street.
As people on the street have seen my creation, the work has became a part of this town.

I began painting on buildings in the 80’s, and have realized that my action is to change the vibration of the building.
The vibration of the gradation and the lines exists to echo into people’s eyes, bodies and also the community.
My works become a part of the community and people’s unconsciousness, and at the same time they are pieces of the universe.
I am so greatful to have an opportunity to do such an exciting work again and am ready to freeride through it!

“Because I am a person of the Earth.”


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